Maryland Farm Bureau Member Discounts

maryland farm bureau logoWith our Maryland Farm Bureau member discount offer, you can save an average of $2,000 on a pair of premium, doctor-recommended, name-brand hearing aids. In addition, you can take another $100 off our posted discount prices. You save an additional $200 on any pair of hearing aids from Ideal!

To Obtain the Promo Code, Call the Maryland Farm Bureau Office at 1-800-248-9012

Program Highlights

  • Up front savings of about $2,000 compared to “the store next door” largely due to reduced advertising expense and contracted professional services.
  • Additional Member-only savings of $100 per hearing aid ($200 per pair).
  • Your member discount is extended to immediate family members (including parents).
  • A starter supply (approximately 6 months) of 40 hearing aid batteries with their purchase.
  • Free hearing exam with purchase of hearing aids.
  • Professional fitting of hearing aids and instruction on use.
  • Includes Bronze Level follow up care (optional extended service packages are available).
  • 45 Day Trial period.
  • Loss & Damage Coverage (terms vary by manufacturer).

Examples of How Much You Can Save

Here are just a few examples of how much you can save after your discount:

ModelRetail Price EachYour Final Price EachYou Save On Each
Phonak Audeo M90$3,680$2,199$1,480
Signia Pure 5px$2,880$1,599$1,280
Phonak Audeo B30$2,100$899$1,150
And Many More Models...Click Here!

With Ideal, you not only get brand-new, top-of-the-line hearing aids, you also get local service and follow up care through our licensed, professional hearing network.

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