How It Works

    How we work is different from most other hearing aid stores, but this difference can save you thousands!

    Instead of walking into a hearing aid store, it begins with a simple phone call to Ideal Hearing.

    We work with a network of local partner offices across the country.

    You purchase your hearing aids from Ideal Hearing Aids and local professionals handle the rest – it’s all included in our price!

    Simple Steps

    1. Call Us!

    Call (877) 344‑7744 and speak to our friendly hearing specialists for free advice and a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.

    2. Get a Hearing Test

    A hearing test will enable us to determine what hearing aid is best for you. If you don’t have a hearing test you can send us, we can set one up for you at one of our local partner offices. It’s all included in our price!

    3. Order Your Hearing Aids by Phone

    Once we receive your hearing test, we will thoroughly review it and call you with our professional recommendations. When you are satisfied, you place your order over the phone. We accept all major credit cards. Whatever you choose, we’ll help make sure it is a great fit for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget!

    4. Pick Up Your Hearing Aids

    You will pick up your hearing aids at one of our “in-network” partner offices in your area. Our partner office will place your new hearing aids in your ears, fine tune them and show you how to operate and take care of them.

    5. Receive Your Follow Up Care

    Our prices INCLUDE at least 45 days of follow-up care and two appointments at our partner office. They will ensure your instruments are accurately tuned to your specific hearing loss. After your service plan ends, additional appointments are available at low, discount rates. Repairs are covered under your factory warranty at no cost to you!

    Call (877) 344‑7744 today to start on the path to better hearing!