We Help You Hear By Making Premium Hearing Aids Affordable!

    What We Offer

    1. Assurance

      Our company has been in business as a family-owned, brick-and-mortar hearing office in our community for over 25 years!

      We started this business model in 2009 because we understood there had to be a better and less-expensive way for people to get name-brand hearing aids. As a result, we have thousands of satisfied customers both from our local offices and nationally.

      We will always treat you like family and give you honest answers without a high-pressure sales pitch. You can check us out; we are a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company.

    2. Savings

      We offer our customers low, discount prices on major, name-brands. Often we can save our customers $2,000 on a pair of premium hearing aids versus typical hearing store prices. Our prices are all-inclusive with no hidden costs!

    3. Quality

      Our hearing aids are the same as those found in the local hearing store. They are brand-new and straight from the manufacturer. You will never receive used, refurbished or “gray market” hearing aids.

    4. Service

      With Ideal, you get great starter services included with each hearing aid purchase. A hearing test, programming, fitting and adjustment visits are included in our price. You get all the benefits of local service without unnecessary frills. Well over 90% of our customers would purchase from us again!

    Our Mission

    Ideal is a nationwide hearing aid network offering low, discount prices on name-brand, premium hearing aids from top manufacturers. Our goal is to help improve your hearing by enabling you to choose from the world’s best hearing aids that will fit your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget.

    Our business model gives us extremely low overhead, lower cost of advertising, volume buying power and discounted service rates, so we can pass the savings on to you!

    Our mission is “Helping People Hear with Premium Hearing Aids at a Price they can Afford.”

    Our Partner Offices

    Any hearing aids you purchase from us will be dispensed to you by one of our local partner offices. Depending on the location, these hearing professionals with either be a Doctor of Audiology or a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, either of which is licensed by your State and fully-trained, insured, credentialed and more than competent to fit and adjust your new hearing aids.

    Our partner offices are held to our Code of Ethics which includes treating you with compassion and respect, without discrimination. If you wish to purchase additional services from them, they will only provide you services that you need and are in your best interest and at prices that are customary and reasonable.

    Our nationwide provider network has been painstakingly built over many years. As a company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethical treatment of our customers. We expect the same from each of our partner office professionals.

    Call (877) 344‑7744 to see if there is an Ideal Hearing Partner Office Near You!